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Marbles specializes in technical research, applied ergonomics, and human factors, and market-focused design.
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Innovative. Dedicated. Fearless.

Marbles is a patent-based design firm focused on licensing tactile technologies and products, specifically for the office supplies and packaging industries. Examples of our work include manual grip systems for packaging; new alternatives to hanging files and folders; and HIPAA and FACTA compliant fasteners for banker’s boxes.

Marbles specializes in technical research, applied ergonomics and human factors, and market-focused design. We are driven to understand everything about the human hand and how it interfaces with everyday objects. Constantly learning and evolving, we venture to be pioneers and leaders in gripping technology and lifting systems.

We use our research and knowledge to create an improved tactile interaction between people and products. Since people connect with most products through touch, we feel it’s important that human factors, like ergonomics, have significant consideration in the design of these everyday products.

As a team of free thinkers, our process is rooted in having open and flexible minds. We are relentless, reworking and reimagining solutions until we exceed expectations. When we cross the finish line, we don’t stop. We keep going just to see how far we can go.

We will strip down and rebuild industries to accomplish our goal. It’s more than being willing to do what’s never been done before – we strive to do it, we need to do it, and we are doing it. We are constantly breaking down barriers to create products that revolutionize entire industries.


Global. Resourceful. Connected.

We’re not comfortable standing still. We are constantly growing and expanding to make way for new relationships. While our headquarters sit in sunny Bonita Springs, Florida, we have the world at our fingertips and our reach extends globally.