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Marbles has mastered its own, unique approach to exploring biomechanics and human function. We thoroughly understand a problem before we try to solve it.
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Human Factors Research


With over 100 years of combined experience in academic research, Marbles has mastered its own, unique approach to exploring biomechanics and human function. We have our own staff of researchers and designers, assisted by professionals at prominent universities such as University of Cincinnati, Mount Saint Joseph University, and Florida Gulf Coast University. We are committed to maintaining an enduring and efficient research program that will expand and accelerate the development of Marbles products.

Our research focuses on the human/product experience. Our forward-thinking techniques and knowledge of biomechanics and human function and design gives us a competitive edge in the market. We explore how people and products interact through the scope of ethnography and usability. Our research begins in the eyes of the user to understand how a customer thinks, feels, and connects with an object. Armed with this insight, we expand into the lifestyle and context in which this product and its user exist.

Through this exhaustive research and collaborative analysis, we thoroughly define and understand a problem before we try to solve it, generating new solutions as opposed to recycling old ones.

Product Design & Development


Marbles understands that industrial design is about more than just making something – it’s about making something better. For us, product creation is an art and a science, combining the functional, emotional, and social aspects of a design. Our research team and industrial designers work to envision and sculpt products that are inspired. Products that will become the next “must-have” in their market.


Sketching & Rendering

If you can envision it, we can draw it. We turn your product ideas into solid, visual realities using concept sketches and finely-tuned renderings.

3D CAD Modeling

We breathe life into your designs, pulling them off the page and turning them into detailed, 3D digital designs that demonstrate how they really work.


Test the functionality and ergonomics of your product. Our industrial designers create physical models from hard to soft goods for hands-on user testing.